Unitrunk is an international brand with factories and depots spanning the UK and Ireland with exports throughout the world. They've worked on prestigious projects such as the Hong Kong airport and indoor ski slope in Dubai...

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So with all this in mind they called in our top Professor Lester Manley. After a series of enthusiastic and constructive consultancy sessions he helped to steer a vision for the future and establish a new internal 'Innovation Department'. This new department is responsible for the ongoing development, creation and functionality of the Unitrunk product ranges.

Then it came time to brief the creatives. And oh boy did they have fun!

After valuable time in the sketch pad (our creative den) and some concept refinements later, a top secret plan was devised, code name: Robotrunk. The guys in the 3D department thought they where working on the next 'Transformers' blockbuster when they were presented with the challenge of building a 3D elephant from a vast array of Unitrunk products.

Along with Robotrunk, we created a wealth of new 3D product models, a fresh brand style and corporate identity to match...

Unitrunk business card design Unitrunk catalogue product guide Unitrunk catalogue rear
Unitrunk event stand design
Unitrunk event stand at show Unitrunk lorry branding
Unitrunk stand design and brand

Professor Lester Manley helped to steer a vision for the future and establish a new internal 'Innovation Department'.

Unitrunk lorry branding concept design Unitrunk product guide supplements
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